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Household Pest Control

With our household Pest Control  program, we provide Monthly, Bi-Monthly, one time service  and other services to protect your home from unwanted pests. Our program includes, initial interior with continued maintenance service thereafter consisting of full perimeter treatment within 12 feet of the structure, and for covered pests we do interior treatment at no additional charge, on an as needed basis following initial service, if re-treatment is needed between regular schedule services. WE ARE THE SOLUTION TO ALL YOUR PEST PROBLEMS.

Mosquito Control

We have a program designed to help reduce the mosquito population by treating resting and breeding sites around the property, and also we inspect the property for possible mosquito breeding sites such as birdbaths , clogged gutters , old tires, non functioning fountains, kiddie pools, garbage cans, soil depressions, and other areas or objects where water can collect. For Mosquito reduction. We serve every weekly, and  monthly.


Hillsboro Pest Control are specialist at suppression of these pests.

    Several species of cockroaches  inhabit buildings and may become persistent and troublesome pests. In  fact, evidence of their coexistence with people throughout history is testimony to how adaptable cockroaches are to the habits of people. Buildings protect cockroaches from weather and natural enemies and contain sources of food and water as well as many places for them to hide.


Hillsboro Pest Control is specialist at fleas and ticks .

   Fleas, They are tiny, wingless  insect that undergo complete metamorphosis with egg, larval, pupal and adult stages. Some flea species can transmit serious disease organisms, such as bubonic plague or murine typhus, either through bites or feces.

     Ticks are not insects but are closely related to the spiders. Adult ticks have eight legs. all ticks are parasitic, feeding on the blood of animals, and people.

     Of the ticks in Florida , the brown dog tick and the American dog tick are the most troublesome, The brown dog tick rarely bites humans, but infestations are frequently found on dogs and in the home. The American dog tick attacks a wide variety of hosts, including humans, but rarely infests homes.

     Don't wait in call us and let us have a free inspection at your property, and you will be free from those pests.

About US 

We are here because we are  the solution to all your pest problems

We are specialized in urban and structural rodent control. Hillsboro Pest Control is licensed and certified at general pest control and rodent exclusion in the state of Florida, with many years of experience in the Pest Control Industry. Also, we are a Family owner and operate a growing Commercial and Residential Pest Control Business located at Deerfield Beach, FL.

protect a guard
Rodent Exclusion

Hillsboro Pest Control are Rodent expert licensed and insured in Florida state.

Rodent such as rats and mice are troublesome pests of stored food.

Rodents can chew through wood and other materials to get to food sources, They  are good climbers and can squeeze through small openings. Rats and mice can rapidly build up their populations  and then consume or contaminate large quantities of stored food. They contaminate stored products and storage facilities with their urine ,feces and hair. They also damage cloth, plastic and paper  bags or cardboard boxes  used to package stored products. Rodents within a storage facility may also chew  on electrical wiring and cause serious fire hazards or equipment malfunction. Let Hillsboro Pest Control do the exclusion for you, and have your family safe from those pests. We do rodent control out side and EXCLUSION, sealing off entry points and setting traps and monitoring it,  and your property will be rodent free.

Bee Control

Hillsboro Pest Control remove bees and combs.

      The honey bees,  the social wasps, and a few solitary wasps are the pests of this insect group most likely to appear in and around buildings. The social wasps and honey bees are more serious problems because their nests contain hundreds of individuals that may readily become aggressive when they are disturbed .Serious injury or death from a stinging incident (envenomation ), can be prevented.

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