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five ways to get rid of flying ants without chemicals.

Updated: May 9

As the weather grows warmer, it’s the ideal time for pests to appear and invade our spaces. And if you’ve spotted flying ants in your home, you’ll need to know how to get rid of them quickly and safely. 

So what are these winged creatures? Flying ants are essentially ants with wings, and are most active during the warm, humid days of spring and summer. This is when the winged males and new queens of the same species take flight to set up new colonies. Although these are not harmful to humans or pets, these can quickly breed, making them a nuisance when they swarm. 

Just like the things that are attracting ants for your home, flying ants will be in search of warmth, shelter and food sources to take back to their colony. In addition, these winged pests can hide in dark, damp areas, and quickly multiply — usually in decaying wood somewhere in your home, either hidden in walls near ground level or under floorboards. That’s why it’s so important to know how to get rid of flying ants effectively.

Similar to the methods of getting rid of your ants or even carpet beetles, there are repellents and traps available to get the job done. But if you don’t want to use commercial (chemical-laden) products around the home, there are some natural pest-control solutions.  Not only are these non-toxic, but are safe to use around children and pets.

So if you want to banish these flying ants and prevent them from returning, check out these easy ways to get rid of flying ants without chemicals.

1. Make a dish soap repellent

2. Use essential oils 

3. Diatomaceous earth  

4. Make a diluted white vinegar spray 

5. Vacuum up flying ants 

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